Friday, April 22, 2011

Jesus of Nazareth

The message of the cross is what we are to give to others, that is the "Great Commission", that Jesus Christ is Lord God, who left His place of Power in Heaven to become man ( the second Adam ) and live a perfect life, and show us how to live, and that he died for all of us sinners, so that we may live forever with Him, and that He rose from the dead, and is alive and waiting to return for His Church ( all true followers of Jesus ).
The way that the movie "the Passion" portraits the death of my Lord God Jesus Christ, is too graphic and too bloody.
Ironically, another popular film was being shown at the same time as the Passion, called "Kill Bill".
How the people love graphic violence.
I renamed the Passion, Kill Jesus, because of people's appetite for blood and gore.
Millions of people world wide watched the Passion, yet, there was not a world wide revival of people turning their lives around and giving their lives to Jesus Christ, in reality, this movie was no more than an entertaining horror flick, and the enemy of true Christians: Satan, must have gotten much pleasure watching this and knowing no one would be Saved.
I believe the message of the cross can be told and portraited in a less gruesome fashion.
I suggest the movie "Jesus of Nazareth", if you want a complete portrayal of the life and death of Jesus Christ, and the crucifixion scene is not overtly bloody or gorely, but, you do get a real sense of the pain, suffering, and agony that our Lord Jesus went through.
I bought a few DVDs of Jesus of Nazareth, and I give them away as a witnessing tool, no movie portraits the Good News of Jesus Christ better.
Peace and Maranatha

Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy War Profiteer Day

Today, April 18th, is known as Tax Day, but, in reality, it is War Profiteer Day.

Explains how this tax works:
"The IRS and Income tax was first instituted in 1913, to pay for the all of the debt owed to corporations who provided the weapons, uniforms, etc. for the U.S. Civil war.
The was the beginning of the military-industrial-complex in the U.S.
With each war after the federal government began to use this mechanism to further take dollars from the pockets of Americans and give it to a professional military class and warmaking corporations.
Since the end of WWII the U.S. has spent (or wasted) nearly $20 TRILLION on "defense" and "security" that could have gone to building up this nation in more substative ways.
At current rates, another $7-8 Trillion will be spent (wasted) during the next decade."

1913: America's Worst Year - The Income Tax

This is where your tax dollars go, to fund the US Empire that kills people world wide, while bombing, invading, occupying, and stealing from all nations, and the rich war profiteers that control the politicians will continue to kill for money and power, until we the people take the power back.

Some have bought into the Tea Party movement as a way to stop big government.

The Tea Party supporters are being corralled back into the Republican Party.

Two of the biggest issues that the Tea Party ignore are:

1) Corporate tax evasion, and an overall transfer of wealth from the taxpayers to the large corporations.

2) Military defense spending, over $1 Trillion Dollars annually, that must be funded not only by our income tax revenue, but by the selling and paying interest on US Treasury bills, bonds, and notes.

2011 Defense Spending Bill & Taxes – Largest in History

The reality of this spending and of corporate welfare is that, at some point, the nations will not want to invest in the US Dollar, and will simply stop buying our debt through US Treasuries, and the US Dollar will cease to be the world's trading currency, and then we will have no other option to fund the government, than to cut more social programs, and raise taxes on the middle working class, and we the people will still be legally responsible for the $14 Trillion debt, half of which is held by China, Japan, and numerous other nations.

They will demand payment, and all we have is public land to compensate them with, it will be a big real estate auction.

Tea Party members, and all other citizens, please refocus your energy on the two biggest issues facing us; corporate takover of our government and unlimited spending on endless wars.

Many people I know in the Tea Party movement understand that government corruption is out of control at all levels, federal, state, and local, and is getting worse.

All that I can hope for is the people, from the Tea Party, to the Democrats and Republicans, accept one simple fact:

The people who you think are representing you, are in fact, representing the large corporations, who fund their rise to power and expect loyalty in return, this simple truth will not change.

All of the Tea Party politicians have received money from some corporate interests, and the proof is in the lack of change of direction in policy.

Rand Paul, the golden boy of the Tea Party, ( nothing like his old man ) has not and will not resist the US foriegn policy, or the military industrial complex, that is the sacred cow, or the political "third rail", so he is no different than the Republicans.

Saying you want to cut military spending is a lot different than actually doing it, he knows he can't make a real dent in the trillion dollar defense budget, maybe trim a million or two dollars from some outdated defense weapon that was already scrapped and replaced with new weapons contracts, like those fighter jet engines, but, it looks like he is doing something about cutting military spending.

Rand Paul is supporting the US occupations of Afghanistan, Iraq, and all the US bases around the world, he is a friend if the US Empire and the Military Industrial Complex.

Rand Paul is proposing a bill to cut $73 Million from the defense budget.

Check my math, but that's less than one tenth of one percent of The annual $850 Billion (including the emergency supplemental spending bill), and he knows he won't have the votes to pass it, so he is acting as controlled opposition.

It would be better if he promoted the exact same proposals for foreign policy and US base closings, as his father, Ron Paul has.

Also how do you justify his Afghanistan stance?

I am not trying to win any debates here, I just don't want to get behind another "real and honest" politician who says all the right things, like Ron Paul on the right, and Dennis Kucinich and Bernie Saunders on the left, and nothing changes, they are no more than gatekeepers whose sole purpose is to bring the wanderers back to the herd, and keep the fringe groups from becoming to powerful and radical.

Again I say, demand results immediately, or withdraw your support from these Misrepresentatives, and while your at it, ask yourself one question:

Why do you want to be represented by another person on issues that affect you personally?

You wouldn't give politicians like Ron Paul power of attorney, would you?

So why do you want to give them power to represent your interests in your own life?

That is the biggest flaw of a republic over a democracy, personally, I am an Individual Anarchist.

Demand that the people in power actually do what the people want, instead of just making speeches and holding rallies.


Monday, April 11, 2011

Resist Military Spending

The US Government threatened to shut itself down, then they cut $38 Billion in social programs from the budget.

The media hyped the threat that military families would not get paid when the government shut down, and they passed a bill to guarantee that members of the military will receive pay in the event of a shut down.

The purpose for this hyped media blitz was not to take care of the men and women who "serve their country", it was to garner public support for the never-ending war on terror, and the annual $1Trillion military defense budget.

Over One Trillion Dollars spent on past, present, and future military expenditures, annually, and they could not trim $38 Billion from that?

We must demand that our Representatives in Washington DC, stop wasting our money and our future on endless wars and occupations, while at the same time, they cut our social programs, programs that our tax dollars are legally to be used for.

Speak up now, before it's too late.

U.S. Military Spending Has Almost Doubled Since 2001

List of countries by military expenditures

Militarism and Empire

US Military Bases Worldwide

April 12th is "Cut Global Military Spending Day."

"We are organizing a Global Day of Action on Military Spending on April 12, 2011 to coincide with the release of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute’s (SIPRI) new annual figures on world military expenditures.

On this day, people on all continents will join together in joint actions to focus public, political, and media attention on the costs of military spending and the need for new priorities.

Such events will help us to build the international network around this issue."