Saturday, February 28, 2009

Extreme Pacifism

I must speak up for the lifestyle of pacifism, both as a practical way for one to live one's life, as I do, and for the general use of pacifism as a tactic for achieving a specific goal, like stopping corporate profiteering and governmental genocide against native humans around the world, which is the two driving forces of the USA, and which always has been throughout the short history of the USA.

I am an Extreme Pacifist, and I will always choose non-violence as a way to solve all problems, either personally, or in a larger, global problem, like war or poverty.

To answer the first question that pops into one's head, after hearing that some one is an Extreme Pacifist; What would you do if some one came into your home to rape and kill your family? I respond: I don't know, I probably would try to stop them ( and then repent and ask Jesus Christ to forgive me ), but in my 45 years on this planet, I have not had to face that situation, as most other people have not, either.

The point is, if some one has to defend themselves in their own home, from a violent attack, by using violence themselves, I understand completely, but that is much different than using violence to achieve a political objective.

To criticize pacifism as a way to live and solve problems, is to concede to the real enemies, the people in power within governments and large corporations, who want the people to form small or large groups and incite them to carry out acts of violence , so that they may be labeled "terrorists' and then the government can sent in the troops to dis-arm and arrest the "terrorists".

Pacifism, also, is not to be passive or docile. I am very passionate, proactive, and aggressive in my activism and writing, I just choose not to use violence, or suggest the use of violence to acheive my goal, either in my personal life, or in fighting for a cause or belief.

The ultimate way to achieve one's goal or objective, is to educate and inform the masses to the truth that is always hidden from them, and when enough people "wake up" to a specific truth, they will not participate in the supporting of the problem or crisis, like a war, or occupation, or acts of torture against animals, or humans ( who are much more important to me, personally ) then it becomes too difficult for the people in power to maintain their control over the masses, and then change will occur.

Think like an Anarchist, live like a Pacifist, Peace.

Friday, February 27, 2009

USA Israel and the End Times

The Lord Jesus Christ is ready to return to take back His planet from Satan but before He does, Satan will control ALL governments and religions, and anyone who partakes in any activity in government and religion, including the USA and Israel, and fight in wars, for or against the USA and Israel, will be serving Satan, not Jesus Christ. The Lord always will use both true believers and non-believers, as well as His enemies, like Pharaoh, to accomplish His will.
It is a trap for us Christians to fight for or even support the USA or Israel, when in reality both must fall or be reduced to third world nations so that the Antichrist will take his place as the One World Government leader that the Lord Jesus has proclaimed would happen.
If the USA and Israel are successful in fighting and winning the war on terror against the Islamic and Russian , and then China fronts,m then the Antichrist will not gain control of the Planet.
The only option left is for the USA to be the One World Government, and it's leader, the president, would be the Antichrist, but the USA is Mystery Babylon, and the Beast- the European Union will reduce the USA's power and then the Antichrist will take control of all 800 military bases in over 175 countries around the world that the USA Babylon Empire now occupy.
One last theory regarding the USA and End-times, is that all true Christians will be raptured before the Antichrist takes control, and most will be from the USA and that when the USA is without millions of Christians, including the police, government, military,etc..., that then the USA will fall apart and be taken over by the Antichrist.
I do not believe this to be true, as I am a Christian who lives by the teachings of Jesus Christ , and Jesus Christ commands His followers to reject the world system and live as pacifists, and love all people, including our enemies and wait for His return, and when He comes back he will destroy ALL of His enemies with the two edged sword that proceeds from His Mouth - His Word
As Jesus Christ spoke everything into existence, He will speak His commands and His enemies will be destroyed, and us Christians need not lift our hands in anger to do violence to our enemies, but, trust in the Lord Jesus Christ to carry out His Wrath upon this Satanic World.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

USA Empire World Domination Tour 2009

Obama is going to continue expanding the USA Babylon Empire, and by sending another 20,000 expendable tools of the empire into Afghanistan and Pakistan, he is showing himself as equally guilty of war crimes as Bush, and all other presidents of this evil empire for the last hundred years, and by the way more innocent Human Beings living in Pakistan were murdered this week by the Evil Empire's newest favorite killing gadget; the unmanned predator drone, operated by some video gamer dressed in camo, sitting on his ass in California or some other US military base around the world. It is plain to see the real enemy here is the 2 million troops collectively deployed around the world on some 750 US military bases in over 175 countries and territories. If they did not choose to fight there would be no wars or occupations, and this is why I have to proclaim: Fuck the Troops!

Wed, 2/18/09, Troops Out Now Coalition wrote:

Troops Out Now Coalition

April 3 & 4: March on Wall Street

March on the Pentagon - March 21
March on Wall Street - April 3 & 4

No New Troops To Afghanistan
End War and Occupation
Bring all the Troops Home NOW!

The Troops Out Now Coalition condemns the recent announcement that President Obama has ordered 17 thousand more troops to Afghanistan.

The people voted overwhelmingly for an end to war and occupation. The world demands that it end. Most importantly, the people of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Palestine demand that it end.

To send more U.S. soldiers to Afghanistan amidst new revelations of U.S. military war crimes, and at a time when working people here a facing an unprecedented economic crisis is an outrage. Every day, thousands are being laid off or thrown out of their homes - we need money for housing and jobs, not for war and endless occupation.

Escalating the war in Afghanistan is a betrayal of the faith that the people put in the new president to stop Bush's war on the world.

We must continue to mobilize to demand:

* No new troops!
* Immediate withdrawal of all U.S. troops from Iraq and Afghanistan
* Money for Human Needs Not War!

Join the Troops Out Now Coalition and many other groups at the March on the Pentagon, Saturday March 21 and the March on Wall St. April 3 &4

For more information or to get involved, go to

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Immigrants Come Here Because of Globalization

Immigration and globalization are two
issues that are directly connected, and until we understand and accept
this reality, the problems of war and poverty will continue to grow.

The war against the NWO and the Global Elite is going to be won only
when we realize that our true enemies are not poor people around the
world looking only to survive, but rather, our real enemies are the
rich corporate criminals and their politician friends in Washington DC,
who are giving our money away to their criminal friends on Wall Street
right now, as we stand silent and do nothing.

Divide and rule is their time proven technique, and many people will fight and hate our neighbors in Central and South America.

Instead, we must unite with them to fight the ruling class in business and government in ALL Nations.

Check out this article and website below, here is a quote:

“Seal-the-border hysteria is everywhere. Instead of blaming immigrants

for America’s problems, let’s look at executives on both sides of the

Dream Activist
Dream Act
Extreme Pacifist:

The real enemy here is all rich corporate captains of industry, and all leaders in governments of all nations.
We must unite with all of the people of the world against the rich ruling global elite in all nations.
If the truthers in America are successful in defeating the NWO, what happens to the other 6 billion human beings around the world who must suffer at the hands of the global elite's One World Government?
Do we help them fight the One World Government, or do we build a wall around the USA and isolate ourselves from the rest of the world?
We need the people of all nations to help us defeat the NWO's One World Government, we need the help and support of the people in Central and South America, as well as the Middle, Near, and Far East, and Europe, and Africa, as well.
The Global Elite have throughout history, ruled the masses through propaganda that focused on pride in one's nation, and flag, and support of the military and police force.
This is what is keeping the US Empire strong and growing, pride and fear.
Do the Truthers / Patriots in the USA really want the US Empire to continue to grow, or do they want to do away with the existing US government?
I say let us fight not for a stronger USA, and not for a One World Government, but let us fight for a One World of equal people and limited government, where compassion and charity rule over pride and greed.
Think like an Anarchist, live like a Pacifist, a little anarchy goes a long way, Peace.
Immigrants Come Here Because Globalization Took Their Jobs Back There:
"Seal-the-border hysteria is everywhere. Instead of blaming immigrants
for America's problems, let's look at executives on both sides of the