Thursday, December 08, 2011

Dreaming War and Terror

Congress held a Joint Hearing on 12-7-11 to discuss the threat to military personal, and their families, and the bases and recruiting centers where they may be targeted, by "Radical Islamic Extremists".

Remember this Bill
that they tried to pass four years ago called the "Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act"

Looks like they are bringing it back.

The S.1867 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) bill
that is being pushed through now will accomplish what the HR 1955 bill was written for: to make dissent an act of terror, and end Posse Comitatus and Habeas Corpus, making the US a battleground for the war on terror, and allow soldiers to kill or kidnap US citizens.

On C-Span, the Joint Senate-House Committee hearing put on some kind of show.

Senators questioned high ranking military personal to find out why the terrorists are able to attack military personal here in the homeland.

They talked about the recruiter that got killed in Arkansas, even had his dad speak about the need to protect military recruitment centers around the nation.

Then the talked about the Fort Hood massacre by the radicalized American Muslim.

They are prepping us for something big.

Keep your eyes and ears open and read between the lies.

They are laying the ground work for another False Flag, Black Op, Psy-Op, like 9-11.

The US Empire is expanding it's grip on the world.

They are planning more bombings and invasions in other people's lands, and more police state oppression here in occupied North America.

We will all become "Radicalized" after they pass whatever new laws they are writing and pushing through, and selling through their fake, pre-rehearsed Senate sub-committee hearings.

They will introduce new language and new buzz words that the media will repeat over and over, like "radicalized", "soft-target", "violent Muslim extremism", and other trigger words to be used on the masses, to create more fear and anger, and download nightmares into our subconscious minds, like the magical, mystical, mother of all trigger words: 9-11.

Here is the propaganda being sold to the American people, the military is now the top target of terrorists:

DOD Official Says Military Top Target for Terrorists

Homegrown Terror Threat Hearings on 12-7-11.

And here is a speech from Zionist Joe Lieberman right before 9-11-11 that paved the way for the next wave of Islamaphobia

And it's no small coincidence that these well rehearsed hearings were performed on Pearl Harbor Day, nothing happens by accident in Washington DC.

Just when I thought the propaganda to glorify and exalt the military has reached it's peak, they find a way to make the people love and worship them even more, and feel sorry for them too.

Now, not only will it be harder to criticize a soldier, anyone who protests military recruiting stations or other military bases will be classified as a "Radicalized Homegrown Terrorist".

On top of demonizing anyone who resists the US Empire, they are advancing the anti Muslim propaganda.

This anti Muslim and anti Islam agenda has been brewing slowly since 9-11, and now, they are turning up the heat,

Between the government, the media, and most Christian churches in the US, the seeds of hate, anger, and fear against Muslims and Islam, have taken root, have been watered, and have grown into large trees that will soon bare bad fruit, and the bad fruit will be the acts of hate between (false) christians and american patriots, against Muslims living in occupied North America.

Remember their Modus Operandi:
Problem, Reaction, Solution.
And, Divide and Conquer.

Here is an interesting article about the difference between terrorism, guerrilla warfare, and freedom fighters, and the US State Dept. Defines terrorism as an act of violence on a civilian target.
So attacking military bases, recruiting centers, and any military personal, overseas, or here in the homeland, would, by definition, not be an act of terror, but a legitimate act of war.

We are at war with terrorism, right, so US soldiers and the bases they occupy are legal targets.

As a pacifist, I renounce all acts of violence, government sponsored or otherwise, but the people that wage war must obey the rules of their sick satanic game called War.


Tony Soldo is a
Christian Pacifist Anarchist