Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I Pledge Allegiance to Jesus Christ

Tony Soldo is a Christian Pacifist Anarchist, a Citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven that is ruled by the King of Kings, Lord of lords, the creator of all things; Jesus Christ. I am a temporary resident on this Planet, an illegal alien with a visa from Heaven. I have no allegiance to any nation, corporation, or religion. I respect no symbol or idol, including flags, ribbons, or other forms of mind suppressing props. I am a Christian Pacifist Anarchist who is actively involved in ending all wars and other acts of terror, as well as ending poverty and suffering throughout the World, through my writings. I am committed to enlightening and informing the masses of the misled and dis-informed , and "waking them up ", one person at a time, by inviting them to "free their minds", and inviting them to begin a new life through accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, and following the ways and teachings of Jesus Christ.

I Pledge Allegiance To Jesus Christ


I Pledge Allegiance To Jesus Christ

I live in the United States of America , and I am a Christian .

Jesus Christ is my Lord and my God , and I worship Him only , not this nation or Flag .

I am a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven , and thus , I am an immigrant , an illegal alien , waiting for my King to return to rule His Kingdom .

Read Revelation chapter 3 verse 12 ,and chapter 21 verse 2 .

Some people proclaim God Bless America. Why? Why not proclaim God Bless All Nations .

Nowhere in God's Word , the Bible, does God proclaim that He will bless America .

God does promise to bless the nation of Israel , reed Romans chapter 11 , when she finally turns back to God, and accepts Jesus Christ as their Savior , but , until the people living in nation of Israel repent and accepts Jesus Christ as their Savior, the Church which is all true believers and followers of Jesus Christ are God's Chosen People, not the Jews .

Read 1 Peter chapter 2 verses 9 and 10

But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light, Which in time past were not a people, but are now the people of God: which had not obtained mercy, but now have obtained mercy .

The founding fathers were Christians, or so it has been said. They fled England, in part, to have religious freedom .

If our founding fathers truly wanted us to be One Nation Under God they would have written our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, into the Constitution, and leave no doubt as to which God they were referring to .

The fact is that most of our founding fathers were Freemasons, who denounce Jesus Christ as God ,

One of them , Thomas Jefferson, physically removed any reference to Jesus Christ being God in his Bible .

Jesus Christ created all people and all things, read John, chapter one, New Testament .

Jesus loves all of us, more than we can ever comprehend, and all that he asks of us, is to love Him more than anyone or anything, (that includes the nation we are born in, live in, or move into), and to love your neighbor as you love yourself .

These two commandments, that come directly from Jesus in the New Testament, completely override the ten commandments from the Old Testament read Matthew Chapter 22 verses 36 thru 40 .

Jesus teaches us to be humble in all things, but we in America teach our children to be Proud to be an America .

We cannot be both humble and proud at the same time, and still please our Lord and Saviour; Jesus Christ. Jesus said Satan is the god of this world, but fear not, I have overcome this world, at the cross.

The Bible tells us that the world would turn away from God in the end times, right before Jesus returns to set up His Kingdom, reed Matthew: Chapter 24 .

Jesus did not tell us to try to fix the world, but instead, try to save people from the world, by inviting them to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, and accepting the free gift of Salvation that is God's Grace and your faith , believing that Jesus paid the price for all of of our sins .

That is all that Jesus commands us to do, along with living our lives for Jesus, and obeying His command to love Him and ALL people .

To read His Words daily, the New Testament .

To take care of His Sheep, to feed , house , clothe , care for, etc , reed Matthew Chapter 25, verse 31 thru 46 .

Jesus never commanded his followers to defend Him or themselves with violence.

All of the 12 Apostles died agonizing deaths , without putting up any resistance , except for John, who spent his last days imprisoned on an island , for God's purpose of writing the Book of Revelation , and God's Word somehow managed to reach the whole world anyway .

Throughout history, man has tried to spread God's Word through violence, force , and war, but , the only way to receive God's free gift of Salvation, is through free will, not force.

Therefore, all wars fought in the name of God, were not fought for Jesus, but instead , they were fought for Satan, because Satan is the god of THIS world .

If you choose to follow Jesus , you must live by his words and teachings , that is the rule for all followers , to follow their leader, and do what the leader commands .

Anyone who claims to be a Christian , a follower of Jesus Christ, must do what Jesus commands .

How should we know what Jesus commands of those who would follow Him ?

Only by reading His Words in the New Testament .

The first book in the New Testament is the book of Matthew , one of the four Gospels , anyone can pick up this book and read for themselves the Words of Jesus in chapters 5, 6, and 7, and then decide for themselves how to be a follower of Jesus Christ , and how to tell if someone else is following Jesus or Satan by their words or actions .

Peace and Maranatha .

Tony Soldo is a Christian Pacifist Anarchist .

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Two Wings One Beast

Two Wings One Beast

The solution to many of the biggest problems in the world today, like war, poverty, terror, crime, and tyranny, can never be realized until we all accept the fact that the people in power within government, business, and religion, are not put there to help the people, but to serve their masters above them.

The government is not here to help you, they are going to harm you and the corporate criminals on Wall Street are going to transfer most of the world's wealth from the people to themselves through taxation and other government run programs, along with the hidden tax - inflation, which is just a buzz word for corporate profit increases.

From the rising cost of food, shelter, medicine, and clothing, the average person will continue to feel the squeeze of inflation, and mandatory consumption, like health insurance, and other fees and taxes imposed on us by the ever growing government.

Even when someone expresses utter frustration and loss of hope due to the over reaching arm of big government and big business working together against the population ( Plutocracy ), the other people who are being abused and manipulated by this Plutocracy, miss the point, and make comments about the left or the right wings.

The left and right wing both are attached to the same Eagle( Phoenix ), and as long as the people continue to debate which wing is right, the men at the top of the pyramid will continue to abused and manipulate the masses until we are all in a state of extreme poverty and despair, just the way the controllers have planned it.

Divide and rule is their MO ( Modus Operandi ).

We must unite , both left and right, dark and light, against the rich powerful men that control all aspects of our lives.

The time is over to choose sides, they control both the left and the right .
The only choice is to disconnect from their control mechanisms, their world system, the government, the military, the corporate entities, their propaganda machine, mainstream media, their mind-controlling, make believe world of movies, music, and TV.

There is no free market, never was one, there is no government run system that cares for the people, never has been, never will be.

We are on are own.

Disconnect from the machine, and unite with all soon to be free people of the world, join the middle and lower classes together to defeat the upper class.

Think like an Anarchist - Live like a Pacifist, Peace.

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