Saturday, May 16, 2009

Evil Deeds Are Timeless

Time does not erase evil deeds and just because some people invaded North America a few hundred years ago and slaughtered millions of innocent human beings, and the history books present a false image of the truth, and a few generations have passed, does not erase the truth of the evil genocide that took place in North, and South America.
The idea that the people who fled Europe to invade North America , are heros and that we should return to their original blueprint of government, ignores the reality that they were rich, powerful businessmen , who divided and conquered the natives, and Africans, as well as the white indentured servants, and also never stopped being a colony of the British Crown. Do some homework.
Also Hawaii is the most recent "state" that has been stolen from innocent natives by these rich powerful businessmen who you call heros.
It's time for all of us "Truth Fighters" to unite against ALL governments, armies, and large corporations who will continue to divide us and deceive us to do their bidding as they gain more power and wealth, while we fight for their lies. They use flags and yellow ribbons to keep us hypnotized, and we allow them to continue their never-ending wars and steal all of our money in the process.
This is why I say we all must stop joining all government agencies, including the military, and this is why I proclaim: Fuck the USA, Fuck the US Troops, Fuck the US Flag, and Fuck the US Empire.

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