Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Two Wings One Beast

Two Wings One Beast

The solution to many of the biggest problems in the world today, like war, poverty, terror, crime, and tyranny, can never be realized until we all accept the fact that the people in power within government, business, and religion, are not put there to help the people, but to serve their masters above them.

The government is not here to help you, they are going to harm you and the corporate criminals on Wall Street are going to transfer most of the world's wealth from the people to themselves through taxation and other government run programs, along with the hidden tax - inflation, which is just a buzz word for corporate profit increases.

From the rising cost of food, shelter, medicine, and clothing, the average person will continue to feel the squeeze of inflation, and mandatory consumption, like health insurance, and other fees and taxes imposed on us by the ever growing government.

Even when someone expresses utter frustration and loss of hope due to the over reaching arm of big government and big business working together against the population ( Plutocracy ), the other people who are being abused and manipulated by this Plutocracy, miss the point, and make comments about the left or the right wings.

The left and right wing both are attached to the same Eagle( Phoenix ), and as long as the people continue to debate which wing is right, the men at the top of the pyramid will continue to abused and manipulate the masses until we are all in a state of extreme poverty and despair, just the way the controllers have planned it.

Divide and rule is their MO ( Modus Operandi ).

We must unite , both left and right, dark and light, against the rich powerful men that control all aspects of our lives.

The time is over to choose sides, they control both the left and the right .
The only choice is to disconnect from their control mechanisms, their world system, the government, the military, the corporate entities, their propaganda machine, mainstream media, their mind-controlling, make believe world of movies, music, and TV.

There is no free market, never was one, there is no government run system that cares for the people, never has been, never will be.

We are on are own.

Disconnect from the machine, and unite with all soon to be free people of the world, join the middle and lower classes together to defeat the upper class.

Think like an Anarchist - Live like a Pacifist, Peace.

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Bush and Obama are puppets

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