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Next False Flag on 3-22

Japan Quake: HAARP or Comet Elenin? Is New Madrid Fault Next?

by thetruthergirls on Mar 13, 2011
What could have caused the recent disaster in Japan? I have done my best to look at all the possibilities and I would conclude that it certainly could have been the result of natural phenomena and that if HAARP played any role, it would only have been to exacerbate what would have occurred anyway naturally. 
What is next on the menu? A similar scenario in North America? I sure hope not, but it may be possible.


Next False Flag on 3-22
by Tony Soldo

Part of being a Truth Seeker or Truther, and as someone that is trying to wake people up, we must try to anticipate the next move of the Controllers, in part, to show the "unawoken" that we are telling the truth that Is hidden from the masses, and in part, to possibly stop the next false flag event before it happens.
This is why your info about the New Madrid event is important.
The Controllers use occult tactics and when and where they carry out their attacks are very important to them.
The Japan Quake was on 3-11-11, and to the occultic Controllers, 11 is when they "capture" or "generate" power.
Another double digit power number is 22, so look for another event on Tuesday, March 22nd, either a "natural" disaster, or a false flag terror attack, a large military strike against a nation, or possibly an assassination of a world leader.
This is just deductive speculation, and not a prediction or prophecy, and just one of many "tools" in the tool box that we who seek to wake up the masses to the hidden truths, can use.

I wrote an article back in 2006, warning of a possible false flag event to bring about the expansion of the US Empire's War on Terror, or War on Earth.

It never materialized then, but, they could carry out similar false flag events at anytime to advance their agenda.
Remember their Modus Operandi:
Problem, Reaction, Solution.

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