Saturday, May 13, 2006

Inner City War Games

Inner City War Games

by Tony Soldo

Inner city crime and police brutality are two issues that continue as unsovlable problems here in the U.S.

The real issue here is the ever increasing military-style police presence in America, specifically in urban inner city neighborhoods.
More and more, the police are using heavy-handed intimidation tactics aimed at suppressing the rights of individuals , and causing more resentment of law enforcement personal throughout the nation.
It's not just here in Martin County ,Florida , that the police have magnified their presence, but , throughout the U.S., as well.
Billions of tax-payers dollars are being wasted trying to fight an unwinable war.
Billions spent on army and police "toys" to "get the bad guys off the street".
Cameras on street corners , increased police patrols, helicopters
and don't forget they are listening to all of our phone conversations, too.
Too many people sit on their butts watching reality cop shows, crime dramas, and fox news for entertainment, and these very same people are the first to condemn anyone accused of a crime and they say "fry um" , or throw them in jail for life. Well, those judgemental people will have to stand in front of the ultimate judge:Jesus Christ on That Day and give an account of themselves.
Compassion is what's missing in the world today, not more hatred.
Fighting endless wars will not solve our problems or make the world a better place, but people keep allowing those in power to continue to go to war.
War on crime, war on drugs, war on immigrants, war on terror, etc.
Instead of trying to identify the root cause of crime in America, which is chronic poverty, the politicians just throw more money at fighting crime.
It's just a game to them, a game called "cops and robbers"(a very profitable game), and they have no desire to end the game, because the politicians would have nothing to use as an excuse to get re-elected, and the corporations which profit from this sick game would lose billions in profits.
Millions of poor people here in the U.S. are being treated just like the poor people of Palestine, and other occupied territories throughout the world.
It's time for people to stand up and demand that the government shills stop harassing the poor people throughout the inner cities , and time to start decriminalizing some drugs and stop filling up prisons with people whose only crime is they don't have enough money to live here in the land of the "free" and the home of the "brave".

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