Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Big Government and Big Oil will continue to prosper and destroy anyone in it's way, and that means there will be more war ,poverty ,racial divide ,and economic hardships for the majority of people on the planet in the near future.
The goal should be to take power away from the people in government (or to at least limit their power)who send our children off to war for oil and more power and profit , and to take power away from people in business, who need the people in government to maximize their profits.
The first step in achieving this goal is to cut off their "power-fuel" source, which is money.
Stop the flow of money from the powerful businessmen to the politicians, and the "machine" will run out of gas , so to speak.
The illicit big-government/big- business relationship (Plutocracy ) will continue, and only get stronger because the parties involved are the only ones in power to stop themselves.
Asking them to stop their immoral and perverse ways is like asking any addict to stop feeding their habit.
What they need is intervention. They won't willingly give up their power and profits, so the majority (that's us) must take it back.
Remember, too, that our enemy is not poor immigrants, or petty criminals , breaking trivial laws put in place to control and subdue the masses, but rather, our enemy is the rich power-elite who will continue to profit from all of these wars (war on terror, crime, drugs,immigration ,etc.. ) that they helped create.
Nationalizing oil is a lesser of two evils and is a good start in redirecting the flow of money back to the people.
The government doesn't have to be "big" to administer and manage the flow of oil and money, just well-watched.
Individually, we can slow down the flow of money to these Plutocrats, by consuming less. Less gas, less food , less toys, etc...
Remember, the key is money. They need it like a drug. We can cut off their supply of their drug by consuming less, and at the same time ,we will personally benefit from less consumption.
For now, I will continue to buy my gas at Citgo, if I need it , and I will only use cash, and I will consume as little as possible. At least I know that my money won't contribute to the destruction of other nations , or the advancement of the Evil Empire.

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