Sunday, December 28, 2008

Stop IsraelUSA Terrorism

Stop IsraelUSA Terrorism
By Tony Soldo

The Israeli massacre of innocent Palestinians in Gaza is another in a long list of war crimes by Israel, and must be dealt with by the International Community before any more innocent lives are lost.
The Israeli occupation forces' raids on the Gaza Strip on Saturday, December 27th, claimed the lives of at least 300 Palestinians and wounded thousands of others, many who are in serious conditions.
This terror attack by Israel was planned months ago, and after the US government controlled corporate media flooded the world with propaganda about how Hamas was bombarding Israel with rockets, and not one death or casualty in Israel, then Israel strikes the innocent people of Palestine, murdering over 300 human beings, and the whole world stands by, quietly watching, if watching at all, where is the outrage?.
This is a textbook false flag war tactic carried out by Mossad, and this single event could be the spark to set off the global conflict that has been planned for years, leading to WWIII, or it might just end up being another massacre of innocent Palestinians at the hands of the US supported and financed terrorist nation called the State of Israel.
US Citizens are paying for this Holocaust in Gaza, through the $5 billion extortion that Israel sucks out of it's "Host" nation, the USA, annually, and the blood is on their hands.
I do not support Israel, I choose to support the people of Palestine, and I demand that my elected representatives in Washington DC immediately stop funding and arming the apartheid terrorist nation state of Israel, and force them to tear down the walls and remove all checkpoints and troops from Gaza and other parts of Palestine, and hold people responsible for war crimes in the World Court, and let the native Palestinians live free in their own land.
Tony Soldo

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