Thursday, February 19, 2009

USA Empire World Domination Tour 2009

Obama is going to continue expanding the USA Babylon Empire, and by sending another 20,000 expendable tools of the empire into Afghanistan and Pakistan, he is showing himself as equally guilty of war crimes as Bush, and all other presidents of this evil empire for the last hundred years, and by the way more innocent Human Beings living in Pakistan were murdered this week by the Evil Empire's newest favorite killing gadget; the unmanned predator drone, operated by some video gamer dressed in camo, sitting on his ass in California or some other US military base around the world. It is plain to see the real enemy here is the 2 million troops collectively deployed around the world on some 750 US military bases in over 175 countries and territories. If they did not choose to fight there would be no wars or occupations, and this is why I have to proclaim: Fuck the Troops!

Wed, 2/18/09, Troops Out Now Coalition wrote:

Troops Out Now Coalition

April 3 & 4: March on Wall Street

March on the Pentagon - March 21
March on Wall Street - April 3 & 4

No New Troops To Afghanistan
End War and Occupation
Bring all the Troops Home NOW!

The Troops Out Now Coalition condemns the recent announcement that President Obama has ordered 17 thousand more troops to Afghanistan.

The people voted overwhelmingly for an end to war and occupation. The world demands that it end. Most importantly, the people of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Palestine demand that it end.

To send more U.S. soldiers to Afghanistan amidst new revelations of U.S. military war crimes, and at a time when working people here a facing an unprecedented economic crisis is an outrage. Every day, thousands are being laid off or thrown out of their homes - we need money for housing and jobs, not for war and endless occupation.

Escalating the war in Afghanistan is a betrayal of the faith that the people put in the new president to stop Bush's war on the world.

We must continue to mobilize to demand:

* No new troops!
* Immediate withdrawal of all U.S. troops from Iraq and Afghanistan
* Money for Human Needs Not War!

Join the Troops Out Now Coalition and many other groups at the March on the Pentagon, Saturday March 21 and the March on Wall St. April 3 &4

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