Friday, February 27, 2009

USA Israel and the End Times

The Lord Jesus Christ is ready to return to take back His planet from Satan but before He does, Satan will control ALL governments and religions, and anyone who partakes in any activity in government and religion, including the USA and Israel, and fight in wars, for or against the USA and Israel, will be serving Satan, not Jesus Christ. The Lord always will use both true believers and non-believers, as well as His enemies, like Pharaoh, to accomplish His will.
It is a trap for us Christians to fight for or even support the USA or Israel, when in reality both must fall or be reduced to third world nations so that the Antichrist will take his place as the One World Government leader that the Lord Jesus has proclaimed would happen.
If the USA and Israel are successful in fighting and winning the war on terror against the Islamic and Russian , and then China fronts,m then the Antichrist will not gain control of the Planet.
The only option left is for the USA to be the One World Government, and it's leader, the president, would be the Antichrist, but the USA is Mystery Babylon, and the Beast- the European Union will reduce the USA's power and then the Antichrist will take control of all 800 military bases in over 175 countries around the world that the USA Babylon Empire now occupy.
One last theory regarding the USA and End-times, is that all true Christians will be raptured before the Antichrist takes control, and most will be from the USA and that when the USA is without millions of Christians, including the police, government, military,etc..., that then the USA will fall apart and be taken over by the Antichrist.
I do not believe this to be true, as I am a Christian who lives by the teachings of Jesus Christ , and Jesus Christ commands His followers to reject the world system and live as pacifists, and love all people, including our enemies and wait for His return, and when He comes back he will destroy ALL of His enemies with the two edged sword that proceeds from His Mouth - His Word
As Jesus Christ spoke everything into existence, He will speak His commands and His enemies will be destroyed, and us Christians need not lift our hands in anger to do violence to our enemies, but, trust in the Lord Jesus Christ to carry out His Wrath upon this Satanic World.

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