Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bird/Fish Kill Theory

The mainstream media has promoted many theories on the causes of the recent bird and fish kills, mostly in the southern US, but, also all around the world, from Brazil to Sweden to Australia.

Everything from fireworks, lightning, cold air, hail, tornados, etc..., has been put forth, and most people will settle on one or the other, and forget about the whole incident in a few days.

There is another theory going around that the bird/fish kill was from a "dry run" phosgene gas spray, and that Bio terror expert Wheeler was killed for threatening to go public.

The Chemtrails of the last 20 years had aluminum chaff and barium salts, now they may be implementing the next project by adding Phosgene to the mix.

In south Florida, they have been spraying heavy almost every day, since the new year, and there are many people with upper respiratory hacking coughs. 

Another aspect is the use of Corexit in the Gulf of Mexico to absorb the oil spill, where there were reports of upper respiratory illnesses from people living along the Gulf shore.

Still another theory is that the military's use of HAARP has damaged the earth's protective Upper atmosphere, putting holes in the sky that allow gases like hydro-cynide into our atmosphere, and also the use of HAARP has affected the magnetic poles and winds that birds and fish use to navigate.

TPTB: "The Powers That Be", will stop only when millions of us wake up and demand from our representatives to do something, like stop using HAARP and spraying Chemtrails, but we need millions to start looking up and speaking up.

Maybe that was one of the reasons for the false flag Psyop killing in Arizona, to silence dissent and make people timid to speak out against the government.


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