Friday, January 07, 2011

Why is Violence Entertaining?

Violence has become so entrenched in our society, through an endless assembly line of action movies every weekend at thousands movie theaters across the country, from slasher flicks, to war movies, to cops hunting down the bad guys, that our culture has just accepted violence as normal human 
Another popular mind-conditioning form of entertainment is video games.
The first person shooter games are very popular with our youth, and a very effective tool by the government's military to train all future soldiers.
Violence starts with an image that is imprinted on the mind, and over time, becomes part of one's thought process, and then from the mind, these violent thoughts become part of the emotional state, causing a feeling 
or a "high", like any drug, and finally, violence manifest's itself through one's actions.
Ask yourself one question.
Why is violence so entertaining to you?
Another form of violence is "slap-stick" comedy.
Think about all the cartoons and toys that we shower our children with.
Before they can speak a complete sentence, they already know how to hit, kick, and push, other children, by watching violent cartoons and other action movies.
Children "model" behavior, that's how we learn, by watching other humans act, either good or
bad, this is called conditioning.
Turning off the TV and encouraging your children to take up constructive and positive
activities is part of the solution, and a stable, loving, two parent home gives children the
foundation for a happy adult life, but, don't think you have to defend the concept of violence
to promote a well balanced and well adjusted child.
We don't have to choose just one solution to the problem, and defend the other problem.
Why do we need to be entertained with violence?
Why is it so prevalent in our society?
Maybe because it is drilled into our heads from the time we are old enough to sit upright and
stare at that programming box that is in every home in the nation.
Maybe because they use humor to ram the violence through our children's impressionable little minds.
It is time to reprogram the minds of our society and change the culture of violence.
Violence must become an unacceptable and vile form of entertainment, to the point that people will be embarrassed and ashamed to admit watching it.
We will never stop all violence in the world, but, if we started in our own home, by not being entertained by violence, and replaced those movies with more positive movies and cartoons and toys for our children, we could become the change that we want to see, and the next generation will pay dividends through living more peacefully with each other, and violence will become less acceptable and more offensive in our culture.

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