Friday, April 28, 2006

United 93 Propaganda

The movie United 93 is advertised as being based on facts and cockpit recordings and first person accounts of family members and air traffic personal.
The conclusion is that passengers stormed the cockpit and forced the terrorists to crash the plane into the ground, thereby saving the Capitol or White House.
Everyone , except for a handful of open-minded free thinkers,have excepted the official story and now that it is a major hollywood production, the official story will become recorded as factual history.
There are some major problems with the official story, and major questions, too. These problems and questions about the events of flight 93 will not go away.
No matter how much propaganda that is pumped into the minds of the American people, these problems and questions will persist.
The individuals who planned and carried out this false flag psy-op military black operation believe that now that the story is permenently stored in the minds of the people and the annals of hollywood, that the official story is sealed shut and air-tight , case closed, they think...
They can't stop the truth from escaping their mind-prisons and seeking the light of day, and the more truth that escapes, the more people will ask themselves what really happened that day, and the more desperate the real 9-11 terrorists will become.
Everyone who honestly researches and examines the events of 9-11 and specifically flight 93 , will come to their own conclusion.
Start by googling :9-11 + flight 93 + false flag +inside job , then read what some researchers are saying , then decide for yourself if the official story stands up and "holds water".
Here are a few questions to ponder ; 1) how did cell phones function at 30,000 ft, at speeds of 500 mph ? 2) Why did the cockpit voice recordings ceased at 10:01 (a loud swooshing sound)and the plane crashed at 10:06 ? 3) Why was the debris field 8 miles if the terrorists or the heros purposely crashed the plane ? 4) why was protocal not followed that fateful day, specifically , why were no jets scrambled to intercept flight 93 when at 9:34 , the whole world knew what was going on?

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