Monday, May 16, 2011

God Hates Flags

God Hates Flags, flags have caused millions of deaths throughout history, and they keep all of humankind from uniting and fellowshipping with each other, they divide us humans, in the same way borders divide us.

How wonderful it would be if we could reach out to people all over the world as equal brothers and sisters, without looking at each other as separate and strange people.

It would be harder to go to war and kill people if we actually felt connected to them.

The flag is a mind control prop that keeps people under control and causes them to feel powerful emotions and compels them to act irrationally and violently, it's a symbol, a piece of clothe with colors and patterns, that's all, and people think their freedom derives from it.

This is delusional thinking.

You may think it's possible for the USA to return to it's original state of freedom and liberty that the Founding Fathers envisioned, but, this cannot happen, because the people in power in Washington DC, and on Wall Street, will do anything to maintain power and gain more wealth.

The truth is this nation was founded on genocide and theft by a group of people who owned African slaves and murdered the native American people and drove the Mexicans off their land, and they continue to do these things to people all over the world.

The only way we will be truly free is when we unite with all people around the world to resist all forms of power and oppression, instead of being divided by flags and borders.

One World People, with limited, local government.

The people who wave the flag the hardest are the Ugly Americans, mob mentality, brainwashed tools, flag worshipping, blood thirsty animals.

Their idea of freedom and liberty is: obey the government, support the troops and wave the flag while you sing god bless America , but their god is Satan.

The USA is Babylon, and is an enemy of Jesus Christ, and anyone who calls themselves a Christian and a follower of Jesus Christ must disconnect themselves, spiritually, if not physically, from the end times Mystery Babylon USA.

The US Flag is their god.

Burning this Idol causes mass outrage and hysteria.

Hey America , "Bow down, salute and serve, you'll get what you deserve."

Ben Haas fails at his attempt to burn the USA Flag at LSU 5/11/11

America is a Religion and the Flag is an Idol

First Amendment Day

Flag Desecration Act

I Pledge Allegiance to Jesus Christ

"The Most Evil Religion Of All Is Nationalism. Nationalism is a far more harmful and dangerous religion than Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism , Paganism, Satanism, Atheism, or Darwinism.
Think like an Anarchist - Live like a Pacifist, Peace."
Extreme Pacifist

God Hates Flags

We are all Free Humans living on One Planet, Peace.

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