Thursday, May 05, 2011

Summer of Unrest 2011

Summer of Unrest 2011

Did the US Military use HAARP to cause natural disasters recently, and is the US government planning another false flag "natural" disaster?

The Bird and fish kills, the deadly April tornadoes, the April and May flooding, all have taken place within the 8 state New Madrid Seismic Zone, and the FEMA NLE11 Disaster Drill is on May 13 thru May 19.

Bird Fish Kill and New Madrid NLE11 Drill May 2011

Bird/Fish Kill & HAARP

HAARP Chemtrails Tornadoes

HAARP and Earthquakes

HAARP Weather Control

All of these events could be blamed on the use of HAARP.

New Madrid Seismic Zone
NLE 11:
National Level Exercise 2011
New Madrid Seismic Zone
May 13-19

How does all of this tie into the bin Laden sacrifice?

I'm thinking "false flag terror attack", roll out the 2011 model Evil Doer Boogeyman and his evil followers, and get ready for more Patriot Act BS in the US, and more bombing and invading of other countries, like Syria and Pakistan, all the while, the US Dollar is dropping like bin Laden body, and China is not consuming our debt at the acceptable level, so it's panic time for the US Empire, when the US Dollar is under attack, time to bomb somebody. 

They need a catastrophic event to implement some type of martial law in the US, to control the unrest that is coming.
High inflation, food, gas, and other cost of living increases, out of control government spending, high unemployment, and overall mistrust of government and corporate leadership, will lead to upheaval and outbreaks of riots and unrest.

FEMA Concentration Camps REX84 Exposed

Keep your eye on the New Madrid Drill on May 13-19, but May 11 and 22 are two dates to look for a false flag event, Peace.

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