Thursday, May 05, 2011

Osama bin Distracted

"They" are still playing with us.
The mind game continues.
Osama bin Laden?
Enough speculation already.
There will never be a right answer.
When you think you have solved the mystery, some new info will cast doubt on it.
Maybe a Wikileak spoon fed to the masses will temporarily satisfy your hunger for drama.
It's meant to get more confusing everyday, it's a distraction. 
Is he dead? 
Is he alive? 
And we all spend valuable time talking and thinking about this CIA Movie Star. 
It's time for the critical thinkers to drop this distraction, and focus on issues and things that "They" keep hidden from us, like the collapse of the dollar and economy, China dumping US Debt, the next wars in Syria, Pakistan, and Iran, the next false flag terror attack, and the coming martial law police state in the US. 
Keep your eye on the ball.
Follow the money.

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