Friday, May 27, 2011

Represent Yourself

We are on our own.

We are not being represented.

We must learn to represent ourselves again.

Those people in power do not pass bills that benefit us, they pass bills that benefit the leaders of corporations and captains of industry.

Laws are being passed on a daily basis that take away more of our freedoms and give more power to the government agencies and private corporations.

What little opposition there is, is just for show, so that the three percent of the population that know the game is rigged, will stand by and wait for their "true patriots" to step in and save the day.

Has anyone considered the possibility that those who oppose these fascist, anti-liberty, laws and bills, like the PATRIOT Act,  people like Ron and Rand Paul, and the few other "renegades", know perfectly well that they can never stop the majority of Democrats and Republicans who count the needed votes before every bill is voted on, and actually want a few "outsiders" to "fight" against these bills, as to appear that there is some resistance and that some politicians are really fighting hard to protect us citizens? 

This is textbook "controlled opposition", and we stand by applauding these career politicians, and we do nothing, and pray and hope that slowly but surely, progress is being made, but, in the end, those in control get what they want, and we get to voice our disapproval. 

I'm just trying to comprehend how Ron Paul thinks that any of his bills will ever pass. 

He has been around this process for thirty plus years and does he think now he can magically change the corrupt system?

I agree with almost everything Ron Paul stands for and I became a Republican in 2008 just to vote for him in the primaries, and I registered five co-workers to vote because of him, but after all this time I realize that he is more important to the status quo than to the people because nothing he says or does can change the corrupt political system, and unless he introduces legislation for real "top down" regulation and reform, ( and we all know how he loves the "free market" ) then I must assume that he is there specifically to maintain the status quo. 

Stop believing and trusting in this corrupt representative form of government and stop asking other humans to represent you. 
You must represent yourself. 

You have to show me how this strategy of trusting people like Ron Paul to fix the broken corrupt system can effectively slow down the US plutocratic empire. 

I mean everyday, the money is flowing to the top of this corporatocracy by the trillions and the dollar is losing it's value everyday. 

The point is they are keeping the game going until they have transferred most of the wealth from "we the people" to "they the elite", and when they decide to end it, they will, and we will be left desolate on the shores that our ancestors left us on. 

As long as we keep waiting for the Ron Pauls to solve our problems, time is ticking away, and soon, the game will end and things around here will get real, and we will look back and say "why did we stand by and let them do this to us?"

We need to stop this delusional thinking that somehow, someone in power, either politically, economically, or religiously, will change the corrupt system that they have worked so hard to be a part of.

We must stop believing their lies to the point that they become fearful of even speaking those lies out loud.

We are on our own. 

They that control us, do not represent us and do not care about us at all. 

The sooner we accept this fact, the sooner we can unite with our oppressed brothers and sisters around the world, and together we can resist all forms of worldly power, political, economic, and religious, and take the power back from them and acknowledge the individual freedom that we are all born with. 

For all patriots out their, fighting for sovereignty will only lead to more divide and rule tactics, and more infighting among nations.

We need to unite all people of all nations against their own governments, and all large multinational corporations, through peaceful non-cooperation, and non participation.

Stop buying their corporate goods, stop joining their military and police forces, stop acting like they represent you or care about you.

We need a leaderless movement. 

We need a nameless movement.

We need a billion Individualist- Anarchists who will fight for individual freedom for all people, throwing away their flags, and wiping away their borders, and refusing to follow any leader's orders.

Nameless, leaderless movements cannot be hijacked or bought out.

Think like an Anarchist - Live like a Pacifist, Peace!


Art said...

The best systems of human government are destined to crumble to the ground. In the providence of God, empires are founded, kingdoms and republics are raised up, they reach their climax, and then decline, and finally cease to be reckoned among the things that be; but the Kingdom of God is an everlasting kingdom, and a dominion that shall never end. It shall never be changed, superseded, or transferred to other hands. The mountains shall depart, the hills shall be moved, the earth and the sea shall pass away, and all the elements of this world shall be dissolved, but the kingdom of our God shall survive them all, and flourish in eternal bloom. How presumptuous then, for monarchs of the earth, whose transient glory is as a withering flower, or human legislatures which God shall obliterate, to prepare the way of the rising empire of his to reach forth the guilt-polluted fingers of their power, to point out the course in which God requires his children to move.

Seeing, then, that we look for such things--seeing that we have received a kingdom which is not of this world, which cannot be moved--let us have grace whereby we may serve God acceptably, with reverence.

Omar said...

Hi and tks for your thoughts. I have a question regarding the apparent contradiction between your faith and the notion of anarchism. With all due respect to what you hold most sacred would you consider someone who has never heard of Jesus from the day he was born untill his death, but held some other deity as the most sacred, as yur borhter or sister and would you imagine the possibility of forming an alliance with that person without trying to change his/her faith to fight greed and all othe forms of evil?

Tony Soldo said...

Hi Omar, I consider every person on our planet to be my brother or sister and I will treat all people equally with love and peace, and only flags and borders and allegiances to countries and religions can keep us divided. After we die, and our true identity and our true being; our soul and spirit, is released from our temporary perishable body, Then we will leave the time and space Condition we are trapped in and start living out our never ending existence called Eternity, or we will cease to exist after the final judgment, depending on one simple decision; did we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord God and Savior, or did we reject Him. Until that day comes, I will try to love and care for all people equally and bless them and not harm them in any way. Peace and Maranatha.