Thursday, April 20, 2006

Big Oil and the Warporations

Big Oil and the Warporations
By Tony Soldo

The price of a barrel of oil leapt above $72.00 Wednesday , April 19th, setting a record for the third day in a row.
The cause of the latest leap (gouge), was a government report showing shrinking U.S. gas supplies.
Another cause for the rise in gas prices is the recent ramping up of rhetoric from the mainstream media promoting the bombing of Iran in the near future.
Just the fear of military intervention by the U.S. is enough to effect the "free market", isn't capitalism grand?
The largest oil corporation in the world: ExxonMobil (use to be two corporations), reported records profits ( 36.2 Billion Dollars )in 2005.
Exxon is giving retiring chairman Lee Raymond a 400 Million Dollar "Golden Parachute" .
Do the math... if gas prices are sky rocketing because of wars and rumors of wars, and you and I must suffer the slap of the invisible hand of the free market, then shouldn't those people in control of the flow of oil get the same slap?
I'm not talking about sending those big-oilsters to the poor house, I'm just asking that they take less profits , less quarterly bonuses, and less retirement packages.
It's time for our Representatives in Washington to give big oil some tough love.
It's time to cap prices, like they do with insurance corporations.
It will hurt the politicians as much as it hurts the oilmen, I know , but , it's for their own good.
For the rest of us people in the U.S. , it's time to send a message to big oil, by totally boycotting all major oil corporations. All except one, Citgo.
Citgo is owned and operated by the Nation of Venezuela, and it's President, Hugo Chavez, is doing many good things with the profits derived from selling gas throughout the Americas and abroad.
He is giving free heating oil to the poor people of the U.S.(our own government refused to step up to the plate to help our poor , again), he is providing free health care to all the people of Venezuela ( by trading oil for doctors services ), he is housing the homeless people in his country, and best of all, he is taking a stand against the Evil Empire, the U.S.A. , by not allowing them to bully his country through threats of terror ,like they do to so many other nations.
Imagine what kind of Nation the U.S.A. would be if our leaders took the profits from our own resources, like oil, and returned them back to the American people, like Venezuela is doing.
Imagine, even more, that our leaders, changed direction , and withdrew all military personal throughout the World, and spent all of our money , (over 2 Billion Dollars a week ) , on improving conditions for the poor and needy, here in the U.S. and around the World.
The Military Industrial Complex is recording unbelievable record profits, since the "War on Terror" started right after (trigger-word warning) 9-11.
Not to mention, all the money to "secure" us from the immigrants and petty criminals , I mean, terrorists in our "Homeland".
Think of all the food, shelter, medicine , and clothing, that could be had with 2 Billion Dollars a week.
Of course , "big oil", and the "Warporations", would react violently to these "market corrections", but our leaders are elected to serve the people , not the corporations, right...?

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