Monday, April 10, 2006

Open the Borders

Open the Borders
By Tony Soldo


The solution to the current immigration issue is to open the borders and decriminalize entry into any Nation , and to take steps to help "prop-up" our neighboring countries so that people won't be forced to leave their homeland.
We can "prop-up" our Neighbors in Mexico by taking the 2 billion dollars a week that we are spending in Iraq, Afghanistan, and throughout the world, fighting the "Fake" "War on Terror" , and redirect it to our neighbors to the South who live in chronic poverty.
We could withdraw all U.S. Troops throughout the World and become a non-intervening Nation that the Founding Fathers originally planned us to be.
The reason that most Mexican people, (and most of the other people entering into the U.S.),are denied citizenship,is that they have a criminal history.
Most of these crimes are petty theft, or of a domestic nature, while other crimes are simply trying to enter the U.S. and getting caught.
These laws are built into the process as a way to slow immigration, not protect U.S. citizens.
Another reason people cannot gain citizenship is lack of money( which is the reason they left their Country to begin with ). It cost around Five Thousand dollars in fees and taxes to become a citizen, and if you want to cut through all the red-tape and hire a lawyer, add another $ 5-7 Thousand.
Why should someone be denied legal entry and citizenship into a country just because he or she made a mistake ten or twenty years ago. Don't we all deserve a second chance in life? Why should someone who has nothing, be forced to come up with $12,000.00 to "buy" their citizenship and freedom ? Where is our compassion?
As long as we continue to argue about what to do with the illegals and how to keep them out, instead of talking about fixing the root cause of immigration ( poverty ),we will continue to prolong this problem , instead of fixing it.
Prolonging, and sometimes causing problems , is what people within the government do to keep their jobs, this is the definition of bureaucracy, and this is the problem with too much power distributed to too few people, it becomes "Big Government", and the solution to problems within "Big-Government" is to spend more money and pass more laws to fix the problem.
People don't need more laws to be free and safe, they need more compassion and restraint from their governing Representatives.

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