Friday, April 14, 2006

End the War on the Poor

End the War on the Poor
By Tony Soldo

What does the immigration problem, the illegal drug crisis, rampant street crimes, and global terrorism , have in common ?
Most , if not all, of the people involved in these activities are trying to remove themselves from a constant state of poverty and despair.
In reaction to these activities, some people respond with a heavy hand. They say "throw the criminals in jail", "deport them", or "kill them all".
What is their real crime : being poor. That is where most of the law enforcement takes place , in the poorer sections of our society.
Solving the immigration problem, along with all the other ill's of society, involves a big leap into a totalitarian wonderland.
Seal the border ? Detain illegal aliens in concentration camps ? Issue national I.D. cards for all people ?
More police and or military (martial law) to carry out security ?
More laws, more money thrown away.
This sounds like the perfect dream of a Neo-Fascist Totalitarian Nazi.
Why don't we model our "Brave New World" after the novel "1984".
Why stop at the border with "protecting" and "securing" the Homeland?
Why not have 24 hr. surveillance of all people everywhere.
If this works out with stopping "illegal" humans from being where they should not be, then let's go after the suspicious people lurking on our streets.
The city of Ft. Pierce, Fla. is planning to install camera's in "dangerous" areas.
Police Chief Eugene Savage says it will help us "behave", and it will only cost between $200,000 and $400,000 for the "pilot" program.
Similar programs are popping up all over the Nation and many people are in favor of it, if it will "keep us safer", besides,ever since "9-11" everything has changed.
Even the ACLU is in support of the surveillance camera program.
ACLU Treasure Coast Chapter President T.A. Wyner is quoted as saying "As far as the ACLU is concerned, there is no objection to cameras in SPECIFIC HIGH PROFILE REAL POTENTIAL TERRORIST TARGETS".
I am relieved to know that the ACLU trusts local, state, and federal authorities to identify "specific high profile real potential terrorist targets" (crystal ball not included) throughout our Nation , and that the biggest Constitutional Rights group in the U.S.A. is handing over MY Constitutional rights to the people in power within the government, without MY consent, no need to argue any further on that issue. This is textbook left-gatekeeping.
The key to solving the immigration issue as well as most other crimes in the U.S. and around the World, is to attack to root cause of the problem, and that is Chronic generational poverty.
When people merely exist to live in their world of poverty and suffering, with no clear vision of hope for their future, that breeds contempt and disillusion , and that is what propels some people to acts of desperation.
There will never be enough money ,surveillance cameras, prison cells, concrete walls, police officers , judges,and politicians to stop illegal activity in the U.S. and throughout the world.
Whether it's a war on immigration, or terror, or drugs or crime, total victory in these wars will never be achieved as long as the root cause is neglected.
Removing some laws from the books would do more to win the war on Immigration(open borders), and drugs ( legalize them ), and crime ( end poverty), and then the threat of terror would diminish significantly.
When being poor is not considered a criminal activity, and people are not presumed guilty until proven innocent, and we take the profit out of criminal activity, and take the profit out of fighting crime, then we will have won the war.
Now is the time to end the War on the Poor.

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