Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Crime Inc.

Crime Inc.
By Tony Soldo

Fighting crime in the U.S. is a multi-billion dollar industry.
There are hundreds of private security and prison firms that are getting federal, state, and local, tax dollars to investigate, enforce, imprison, and monitor, thousands of U.S. Citizens throughout the Nation.
The U.S. has more of their own people incarcerated , per capita, than any nation in the world.
Many of the people being held hostage in the U.S., along with people around the world being held by U.S. military personal, are non-violent and the crimes that they are accused of are non-violent crimes, like drug possession , petty theft, or violation of probation.
It is time for the people in the U.S. to demand that our representatives decriminalize drugs and remove many of the "petty" laws that are used by the government to make criminals out of millions of people.
As far as monitoring people with GPS tracking devices, instead of holding them hostage in these privatized prisons, I am a little leery, but, I guess it's better than being held in a government Concentration camp.
There are more and more street cameras being put in place throughout the Nation , and we are slowing becoming a police state.
Having more people electronically monitored and tracked is not going to make the problems of society go away, or make the "good" people any safer.
We need to address the root problems of crime, the biggest root cause of crime is poverty, and as long as there are people suffering in a constant state of hopelessness and despair, because of the economic conditions surrounding them, there will be some people who rise up and revolt.
No amount of money , surveillance, security, police, or prisons, will solve our problems as long as the biggest problem still exist : poverty.
When private corporations exist only to make money, and they are in the business of fighting crime, you can be sure that , with the help of paid politicians, these corporations will find a way to increase profits, by having more laws to enforce, more gadgets to assist them (surveillance cameras, tracking devices,unmanned drones in the sky, etc.), more police to monitor the people, and more prisons to hold them.
It's time to take the profit out of crime, and out of fighting crime, and let people be, instead of forcing people to conform to a Totalitarian Fascist form of government

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