Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Immigrating Trojan Horse

The Immigrating Trojan Horse
By Tony Soldo

The Ruling Elite ,who have been in control in the U.S. for about two hundred and thirty years (as of May 1st , not July 4th), are definitely behind this immigration crisis.
They have been allowing immigrants to seep into the U.S. from South of the border for years, and along with all the honest hardworking people from the South, there are mixed in, a few, how you say in this country, Agent Provocateurs, to be more precise, C.I.A. Op's.
In the 1950's they introduced hardcore drugs into the inner cities throughout the U.S., and what followed was a continuous wave of crime , violence, and poverty that flourishes to this day. check out :
The plan was, and still is to keep the population under control through wage-slavery, and the crime/punishment cycle , never allowing the masses to get to financially comfortable and secure.
The mechanism with which this is achieved is called "Class Warfare", and simply stated, it is the rich Ruling Elite convincing the middle class that the lower-income class, who is,coincidentally, always the next wave of immigrants, are commiting violent crimes against them, and selling drugs to their children, and taking all their jobs away from them.
The Ruling Elite acommplish this by means of controlling the mainstream media, and the politicians who represent you and I .
The middle-class look down at the lower-class, with fear and anger, and are conditioned by the Elite to resist the new immigrant's advancement up the social-economic ladder.
If one is so inclined, one can search the internet on these subjects and learn for themselves the true hitory of this Nation.
The Creature from Jekyll Island(Georgia), is a good starting point to understanding the Fedreal Reserve Bank, and the Global Banking Cartel, and how it relates to events that are taking place right now.
The reason that this is relevant now to us is that there is no gold or silver backing up the U.S. Dollar, and 50% of U.S. Currancy is "floating" outside the U.S. in the form of Treasuary Bonds held by China, Japan, and Germany.
They will hold them (like an I.O.U.) until the Dollar becomes an unattractive commodity, then they will "dump" the Dollar back to us , at a reduced price.
That time is quickly approachng now that Iraq, Iran, Syria, Venezuela, and soon , many other Nations stop using the Dollar to trade their Goods, and switch to the Euro.
What that has to do with Mexican Immigrantants swarmming the U.S. , is where you(the Average American ) come in.
They will soon be rounding up and arresting tens of thousands of Illegal Immigrants and placing them in Detention (Concentration) Camps, and Issuing mandatory Bio-metric I.D. Cards, and you (the Average American ) will be thanking the government for protecting you.
You will have done your Patriotic duty by demanding all "illegal" Immigrants be arrested and sent to Concentration Camps, and issued National, but don't be too surprized when they come for you to do the same.
Why would they come for you, you ask? Well maybe because you finally "woke up" and started demanding the truth about why we went to war in Afghanistan, Iraq, and soon Iran and Syria, and questioned even more the events of 9-11.
What did happen to WTC 7 (the 49 story building that collapsed in a free-fall onto it's own footprints, after a couple of fires,while not being hit by a plane), and the Pentagon attack, where no plane was found and no video was allowed to be seen of the crash.
It's not about immigration after all, is it.

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