Thursday, March 30, 2006

American History 101

Everyone who comes to North America must learn to speak
the Native American Language, and denounce the illegal
and immoral occupation of North America by mostly White
Europeans , who continue to invade and occupy forign
lands all over the world.
No man, or group of men, have the right to take other
peoples land and resources away from them through
violence and force.
Have we learned nothing from history?
The Founding Fathers ,of whom George Mason was one,
rebelled against a Tyrannic System, and used terrorism
to defeat them, but we call our Founding Fathers
"Freedom Fighters".
They terrorized the Native Americans, then used
terror-tactics to defeat the British Empire.
This is the history of America, and we must all be
accountable for our past.
One more note on George Mason: he refused to sign the
Constitution that he helped write, because some of the
Founding Fathers,(The Federalists), would not include
the Bill of Rights, ( the first 10 Amendments ).
That says alot about his dedication to insuring personal
freedoms and rights, you know freedom of speech, and
property rights , etc.
The occupying army still has control of America, and
they still are conquering and invading other people's
land and stealing their resources, and removing our
God-given rights and freedoms,(the Bill of Rights) a
little more everyday , in the name of fighting terror.
If anyone believes that this is the right path, why
aren't they leaving their comfortable lives here, and
going to steal, kill, and destroy other people's lives,
and liberties in places like Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran,
Syria, Venezuela, etc., so that Americans can continue
their abundant lives.

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