Monday, March 27, 2006

Self Censorship

The reason for the Alex Jones "Myspace Censorship Experiment" is to "test the waters" , and "Push the Envelope", on internet censorship, for the purpose of protecting all of our "God-given" Freedoms and liberties.
No group can be above criticism or examination. Not the Christian Zionists, nor the Israeli Zionists, nor the American Patriot Movementeers.
If we censor people on this myspace site, by "suggesting" that they not discuss certain groups' involvement in worldly matters, then , we are doing the dirty work for these Neocon Fascists. Some might even imply terms to some of us like: Gatekeepers, Moles ,and Shills.
The Wars of Occupation in Afghanistan and Iraq , the War on Terror, the War on Drugs, the War on Crime, and the War on Immigration, (the last three under the catagory of Class Wars), all begin and end with the War for Your Mind.
To secret to finding truth , is not to know were to look for it, it is the lack of fear to seek it, where ever it may take you.
Starting out on your journey to find truth begins with some basic principles.
1) Apply the Hegelian Dialectic : Problem, Reaction, Solution.
2) Ask yourself: Who Benefits.

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