Sunday, March 26, 2006

March Madness

It's March, and that can only mean one thing, NCAA basketball tournement time again. Time to pick your brackets, jump in the pool, stock up on your favorite government -sanctioned drug; alcohol, and get ready to be hypnotized and mesmirized by a million commercials infused into a few basketball games.
It's one of many wonderful things about living in the great U.S. of A. The preoccupation of our minds from the harsh reality of the rest of the world. Sports, along with primetime dramas, reality shows, music, and 24 news stations, which happen to provide you with drama, reality, and music, while keeping you (mis) informed, allow you to escape from the burden-heavy truth of issues like war, extreme poverty, disease-ladened water, overwhelming hopelessness, etc.
While Billions of people around the globe going without the basic essentials , most of us here in occupied America, (pre-occupied by Native Americans), are way too caught up in issues like : what to buy at the mall, what movie to see this weekend, what kind of brand new S.U.V. to purchase this year, (and you thought all those car commercials were for someone else...), who's going to be the next American (idiot) idol, and the next missing person/ murder mystery on one of the propaganda channels.
March is not only a time for the N.C.A.A. tournament, it's the month we "shocked and awed" the good people of Iraq( ). March 20, 20003, to be exact, 2:33 am, to be really exact. Since then , an estimated 250,000 deaths have occurred in Iraq , of which 2,311 were Americans ( Add to that the total cost of the illegal invasion and occupation ; $247, 832,923,322.oo , at 8:33 am ( ) , and you can see how March is a very important month indeed.
Which brings us to the present time in history. We can't go back in time to change history, but, we can control our own destiny , starting right now. Each one of us have the power to resist evil by first , recongnizing it, and second, denouncing it, and third, not particapating in it's system.
This week, from March 15th , thru March 22nd, million of people will protest the illegal and immoral war in Iraq, both locally and nationally, ( ) and try to stop the Evil Empire from continuing it's drive for world domination .
Unfortunately , we are faced with another March Madness event. It's coming up quickly, and the only defence at this point is to announce the Evil Empire's plans to the world before it happens.
I am referring to the preemptive strikes on Iran and Syria , which will more than likely, take place after a terror attack, either in the U.S. or against U.S. interests abroad To learn more about this coming event, google search: concealed history by Tony Soldo.
We can't stop history from happening, but when we seek truth and resist evil by denouncing it , we begin to make the world a better place.
Peace starts with YOU, and it starts right now, if you want

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