Sunday, March 26, 2006

Impeach the Terrorists

250,000 human beings are dead in
Iraq since 3-20-2003 , look it up at
The total body count for the good ole U.S.A. ? Try

2,318 since the war started, the last one to "buy a

piece of your freedom" was a 22 year old young man named

Cory A. Dan from Norway, Maine.
Will he be the last one to die for a lie?
The father of a 30 year old man killed in this war,

named Al Zappala,
who was attending a protest march in Louisiana

yesterday, said it all in one sentence "We attacked a

country who never did anything to us, and my son was

sent to Iraq based on lies.
So far , the cost of this war is
$249,864,741,322.00 AS OF 9:13 AM,March 24th, 2006.

That's 249 BILLION DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!
That is 1 BILLION 600 THOUSAND DOLLARS a week for 156

weeks !Look it up at
That is your money taken from you by the government

every week out of your hard-earned pay , and handed

directly to people within the military industrial

complex, (you know the guys who make all those weapons

of mass destruction ),and the big-oil companies , who,

coincidently, have made more money in the last two years

than ever before in our nations history, and the

construction companies, like Dick Cheney's old company

,Halliburton , (if you break it, you gotta fix it,

War is big business, and business is good, lately.

Follow the Money.
The Resolution presented by Tequesta, fl. Councilman

Basil Dalack, calling for the immediate withdrawl of

U.S. troops from Iraq, and the Impeachment of Bush and

Cheney, and the trial and prosecution of Bush and Cheney

for war crimes, are completely valid and covered in

detail in a document called the United States

In Article II , (the Executive Branch), section 4 ,

it states ; The President, Vice President, and all Civil

Officers of the United States,
shall be removed from office on Impeachment For, and

Conviction of,
Treason , Bribery, or other High Crimes and

If there is any doubt as to the blatant violation of

the rule of law, both Constitutional and International ,

there can clearly be no defense for Bush, Cheney, and

Rumsfeld, in their role as war criminals, and war

profiteers after three years, (happy anniversary ), of

chaos and mayhem in Iraq.
Furthermore, last week, on March 13, 2006 , Senator

Russ Feingold , introduced a resolution to Censure Bush

for his role in approving the illegal wire-tapping of

American Citizens by the N.S.A.
Censuring is a step short of Impeachment, and is

meant to imply guilt without formally passing a law or

cutting funds.
All members of the House of Representatives and the

U.S. Senate, both Democrats and Republicans ,must

present a bill and vote on that bill to stop funding the

war in Iraq, and immediatly withdrawl the troops from

Then, they must draft a Resolution ,(similar to Mr.

Dalack's Resolution ) for Impeachment proceedings.
Until Congress steps up and accepts it's Constitutional

responsibilities, it will be up to people like Basil

Dalack ,and hundreds of other Councilmen throughout this

Nation , to carry on the rich traditions of a Democratic

Republic , by holding those whom we have put in power,


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