Sunday, March 26, 2006

Support the Humans

For every action, there is a consequence , or what comes around, goes around . The one thing that we all can do to stop the "go-around" that comes right after the "come-around" or karma , or World War Three, as it is known, is , to stop supporting the troops.
I am tired of all the "anti-war" people marching, protesting, letter writing to the op-eder's and the corrupt politicians , and always finishing their little protest statement with a " We Support Our Troops " .
The Satanic Cabal that is responsible for all the wars and terror attacks throughout history , along with most of the crime and poverty here in the U.S. and around the world, do not care if you agree with their plans, they just don't want you to get in the way.
All of you can protest, and write, and march, and blog, and at the end of the day you say, "I Support the Troops" and the Cabal breathes a sigh of relief.
The majority of people who sign up to fight wars usually do it for financial gain, although some join to "serve their country", whatever that means. Most of the American people dying in Iraq and Afghanistan, signed on for the free ride to college , and a large signing bonus.
I can't judge them for that, most people can't survive in the U.S.A. today, without a college degree to get a high-paying job, but that doesn't make it right.
I support anyone who wants to live and let live, not interfering with or harming others, especially, others in foreign lands.
If you do go to foreign lands to kill, steal, and destroy, even if you don't understand the error of your ways, I don't support you.
The day that the majority of people stop supporting the troops, is the day the Satanic Cabal will go quietly into the night, for they can not bomb, invade, rape, pillage, nor plunder the rest of the world without the troops.
They will not go themselves to war, never have and never will. They get you to send your flesh and blood to do their dirty work.
From the day your children are born, they program them to obey , and worship, the state , displaying the flag everywhere as a constant reminder to them that they must defend "freedom" and "democracy" all over the world, and telling them of the millions before them who have "paid the ultimate price" so that we may have this wonderful life called "Americana".
All wars throughout history have been started and ended by the ruling elite, a handful of Politicians and businessmen .
They create the crisis that lead up to war , then wait for the masses to react, then explain that the only choice we all have is to go to war, and off we go.
They profit mightily , of course, from the wars, but who has time to think about that during a time of war.
They take away your God-given rights of liberty and privacy, but, we are at war , after all.
If you criticize the war, they call you unpatriotic and a terrorist.
The day that all people agree not to murder each other for the war profiteer's gains , is the day I will support the people who have laid down the weapons of the State, and returned to the human race.

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