Monday, March 20, 2006

Iraq War Year Four

The illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq by the U.S. is now in it's forth year, and there is no sign of the bloodshed and mayhem slowing down. To the contrary, things have gotten worse.
The civil war between the Shiites and the Sunnis is starting to really cook now , thanks to the great work of the special forces within the U.S. , British MI6 , and the Mossad of Israel, who were all responsible for the February 22nd bombing of one of the most sacred Mosque in Iraq, the Golden Mosque in Samarra.
How can the U.S. troops even think about leaving Iraq now, with all that chaos and confusion?
So far , the cost of this war is
$248,864,741,322.00 AS OF 6:53 PM, that's 248 BILLION DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!
That is 1 BILLION 600 THOUSAND DOLLARS a week for 156 weeks !Look it up at
That is your money taken from you by the government every week out of your hard-earned pay , and handed directly to people within the military industrial complex, (you know the guys who make all those weapons of mass destruction ),and the big-oil companies , who, coincidently, have made more money in the last two years than ever before in our nations history, and the construction companies, like Dick Cheney's old company ,Halliburton , (if you break it, you gotta fix it, right?).
War is big business, and business is good, lately. Follow the Money.
If you are O.K. with the money thing, then , let's try a different approach.
250,000 human beings are dead in Iraq since 3-20-2003 .
The total body count for the good ole U.S.A. ? Try 2,314 since the war started, the last one to "buy a piece of your freedom" was a 22 year old young man named Cory A. Dan from Norway, Maine.
Will he be the last one to die for a lie?
The father of a 30 year old man killed in this war, named Al Zappala,
who was attending a protest march in Louisiana yesterday, said it all in one sentence "We attacked a country who never did anything to us, and my son was sent to Iraq based on lies.
The Neo-Cons who dreamed up this wars in Afghanistan, and Iraq, along with the coming wars in Iran and Syria, depend on you "patriots" to
fight for freedom and democracy , by not questioning their motives or actions, and to "shout down" anyone who does.
They dreamed up all of this nightmare we call the war on terror back in 1997, and they called it "The Project for the New American Century ", or PNAC. Google PNAC and 9-11 and see what you find.

They stated that to achieve their goals of Democratizing (Conquering) the Mid-East and the Near-East, they would need another "Pearl Harbor" to give them that major crisis that would allow them to invade and conquer most, if not all of the Middle and Far East.
They got their "New Pearl Harbor" on 9-11-2001, and before the fires were out at ground zero, their plans to invade Afghanistan and Iraq were already drawn-up.
They have taken this 9-11 "terror train" about as far as they can, and they need another "9-11" to continue their Empire-building .
The next major event has already been planned by these Neo- Cons, and is going to take place soon .
After an attack on America or American interests abroad, (possibly on 3-22, type "Concealed History" in a search engine for more info), The U.S. will have their "next 9-11", and will bomb specific targets in Iran and Syria with tactical nukes( bunker-busters, daisy-cutters, etc. ), and some form of martial law will be implemented.
The reasons for all of these events are clearly explainable if you know where to look for the answers, ( search -Order out of Chaos and Tony Soldo ).
322 is an important number for the people responsible for all of the terror and wars that we have suffered through, throughout history. It is the number that represents the members of the Skull and Bones society, check into it.
If anyone is interested in ending terror attacks in the future, then they should start by educating themselves to the truth of the reason for all the wars in America's history.
Three simple steps to the truth:
1) Follow the Money
2) Ask: Who Benefits
3) Think :Problem, Reaction, Solution

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